Battle Skipper (1995) (en)

Battle Skipper 1995

Battle Skipper Download - Sayaka Kitaoji is admired by almost everyone at St. Ignacio's. An upperclassman and the President of the Debutante Club, she's probably the richest girl in the hemisphere. Unfortunately, she's also manipulative, power-hungry, and generally evil. Without regard for property or school regulations, the members of the Debutante Club, led by their ruthless leader, will unleash their deadly "Battle Skipper" giant robots in their mad quest to rule the school...and then the world! Even though they're mostly freshman, the five valiant members of the Etiquette Club stand ready to oppose the Debutante Club. Unbeknownst to Sayaka, the basement of the Etiquette Club is really the secret base for a squad of super-advanced prototype combat suits!
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